Psychological aspect

The initial diagnosis of a food allergy is often life-altering. Psychologically, it can trigger anxiety, based on catastrophic scenarios related to severe allergic reactions. Some people will suffer from social isolation, due to the misunderstanding of their peers or even bullying, while others will avoid going out for fear of experiencing an allergic reaction. For many, the feeling of anxiety persists and may even seem insurmountable. However, as explained in the articles below, it is possible to be vigilant without upsetting your mental health, and to find your place in society, despite your allergies.

Anxiety and Food Allergies: What We Know and What Can Help.
A text by Sophie Beugnot, Ph.D., psychologist.

The following articles are in French. More English articles to come.

Food Allergies: Breaking Free of Isolation and Improving your Quality of Life (in French)
Food allergies can be life-altering. In order to help you develop healthy lifestyle habits and break free of isolation, Allergy Quebec asked psychologist Sophie Beugnot a few questions.

6 Things Not to Say to a Person with Allergies (in French)
Even if food allergies are more and more frequent today, we do not necessarily all live with this reality on a daily basis. The following are 6 things you should avoid saying to someone living with allergies.

Food Allergies and Bullying (in French)
Bullying manifests itself in the form of hurtful words, humiliating behaviour, or unacceptable actions. Bullying affects self-esteem. Bullying hurts, bullying isolates, and unfortunately, food allergies sometimes serve as a pretext.

The Impact of Food Allergies on Families – Part I (in French)
This article summarizes various publications which describe the social, psychological, and financial impacts experienced by those living with allergies and their families. Hopefully, it will provide some insight on the support needed by them.

When your Family Doesn’t Understand your Allergies (in This common problem contributes to increasing the stress level of allergic individuals or their parents. So, how can we help our loved ones understand the seriousness of food allergies?French)

When Food Allergies Disrupt you Relationship (in French)
In many cases, the stress and anxiety associated with the presence of food allergies in a family will go so far as to upset a couple’s well-being. Indeed, when an allergy diagnosis is made, both spouses could go through several phases before accepting the situation.

May, a Month to Raise Awareness about Food Allergies, but How Can We Support People with Allergies Year-round? (in French)
If you want to be supportive to a person living with allergies, you must first understand their reality before taking action.

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