Adolescents and adults

Whether you were diagnosed several years ago, or have been recently diagnosed, living with food allergies in adolescence and adulthood presents challenges that are not necessarily the same as those faced by children. You have to adapt to new environments and deal with diverse interpersonal realities while ensuring your own safety. The following articles cover a variety of topics, such as your first kiss, social isolation, and food allergies in the workplace.

Developing a Food Allergy in Adulthood
In many cases, children will outgrow their food allergies, and it is fairly rare for a food allergy to develop in adulthood. However, it is not unheard of.

Food Allergies and Adolescence – Play it cool while playing it safe
Managing food allergies is not easy, especially during adolescence. But it’s still possible to go out and be yourself, while limiting the risk of an allergic reaction.

Food Allergies: Breaking Free from Isolation and Improving your Quality of Life (in French)
Food allergies can turn your life upside down. To help you develop healthy lifestyle habits and break free from isolation, Allergy Quebec asked psychologist Sophie Beugnot a few questions.

Moving Out on Your Own When Living with Allergies (in French)
Leaving the family nest is an important milestone for young adults, especially for those living with food allergies.

Food Allergies and Employers Responsibilities; Julie Galarneau Story (in French)
In many cases, food allergies persist into adulthood. Individuals affected are then faced with a new challenge: adapting to their work environment.

Passion and Preparation Make for the Perfect Kiss (in French)
Whether passionate, loving, or friendly, kissing is a spontaneous demonstration of affection for most of us. But for those living with food allergies, it is a gesture that must be carefully prepared.

The First Kiss: intense, but potentially dangerous… (in French)
Love is in the air for Lucas and Leanne, both age 15. This morning, the two teenagers kissed for the first time. This impromptu act could easily have turned into a nightmare due to Leanne’s food allergies.

When Food Allergies Disrupt your Relationship (in French)
Sometimes, the stress and anxiety associated with the presence of food allergies in a family will go so far as to upset a couple’s well-being. Indeed, when a family member is newly diagnosed with a food allergy, both spouses could go through several phases before accepting the situation.

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