Living with food allergies can lead some people to a sense of isolation. Indeed, the lack of understanding of their peers can be a source of stress and discouragement for many. As you read these testimonials shared by people living with allergies and their relatives, we hope it helps you remember that you aren’t alone as you face the challenges associated to your condition. Many of the texts also include information and tips on travel, immunotherapy, school, and allergy diagnosis, among others.

A Testimonial: Learning to Live with an Allergy or Other Food Sensitivities
After 40 years of living with serious health problems, Carol Ann Ryan has finally been diagnosed with celiac disease and dairy intolerance.

The following testimonials are in French. More English testimonials to come.

Having an Allergic Grandchild: Francine Yelle’s Testimonial (in French)
Are you the grandparent of a child living with allergies? Would you like to spend more quality time with your grandchild? Allergy Quebec asked Francine Yelle, whose grandchild is allergic to peanuts and sesame, to share her experience with us.

Allergens Bringing Hope – Marie-Ève Marcil’s testimonial (in French)
For Marie-Ève Marcil and her husband, the promising results of epicutaneous immunotherapy encouraged them to register their son in a clinical study.

A Testimonial: Tuyet Quach’s travels (in French)
Her take on the key to stress-free travel with an allergic child.

Edith Cochrane Testimonial (in French)
Details on how food allergies changed the actress’ life.

Managing Food Allergies in Schools: a mother’s testimonial (in French)
The mother of a 9-year-old boy, Guillaume, who is polyallergic and gluten facing many allergy-management issues in his elementary school.

Heartwarming Testimonials (in French)
For Allergy Quebec, Valentine’s Day is also a celebration of friendship. Here are some testimonials.

A Mother’s Scare When Travelling Alone with her Polyallergic Child (in French)
This testimonial about a difficult flight also deals with living together and sharing responsibility.

A Testimonial: Nathalie Gemme’s World Round Trip (in French)
Thinking of travelling? Be inspired by Nathalie Gemme’s testimonial.

Love your Life with Allergies (in French)
A testimonial by Chantal Langevin.

Education…First and Foremost (in French)
A mother’s testimonial on living with her son and husband’s allergies.