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Basic Rules

The following printable list offers guidelines to quickly identify the steps needed to ensure the safety of food allergic individuals. Many of the guidelines below lead to other sections of our site where we develop each point.

In between these readings, we encourage you to return to this list to ensure that you have gone through all the critical information. This can help reduce the stress often associated with allergy diagnosis.

Following an allergy diagnosis

Learn about the allergens you should avoid and how to avoid them

For parents of allergic children

Support and services

  • Contact our telephone support line when questions arise. This is a free service for Allergy Quebec members. Our nutritionists will be able to register you as a member free of charge when you call. Call 514-990-2575, ext. 204.
  • Consult the list of services offered by Allergy Quebec.
  • Print this list of good practices guidelines (in French) and keep it at hand for reference or to raise awareness.

Food recals

Subscribe for free to food recall notices from MAPAQ (in French) and the Canadian Food Inspection Agency.