Keep your epinephrine auto-injector with you in summer

auto-injecteur d'épinéphrine l'été

Proper storage of your epinephrine auto-injector in summer is essential to ensure its effectiveness. Epinephrine must be stored at temperatures between 15 and 30°C. Here are a few useful tips to protect your auto-injector from temperature variations during the summer season.

  1. Use a belt specially designed to keep your auto-injector cool (e.g. BreezyPacks, Frio pouch);
  2. Never leave your auto-injector in the car;
  3. At the beach or park, place your auto-injector in a lunch box, cooler or insulated bottle (e.g. Thermos) WITHOUT using cold water, ice or ice packs;
  4. When flying, keep your auto-injectors with you at all times and avoid leaving them in checked baggage, where temperatures can be extreme.

To refresh your memory on how to use an auto-injector, consult our page: Auto-injectors

On that note, have a safe summer!

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